To ensure all members and attendees have an opportunity to enjoy their visit with the (FATHER SON CHARITY FISHING TRIP), the following guidelines have been established.

REGISTRATION – Every attendee must be registered online prior to attending event. Multiple attendees can be on a single registration form. This must be complete the online portal prior to attending, this enables organisers to prepare event accordingly, meals, amenities etc.

RESPONSIBILITY – The registered attendee is responsible for the conduct & behaviour of all members of the booking. The organisers or their representative reserve the right to cancel or withdraw any booking made for a person or persons or decline to accept any such booking.

The right is reserved to require any person to withdraw from the Park at any time if in the opinion of organisers or their representatives, their acts, conduct or behaviour is offensive, detrimental or not compatible with the interest, harmony, comfort or welfare of the other attendees.

As the event is catered, it is the responsibility of you as an individual to be available for meals at the appropriate, if you anticipate missing a meal, please make prior arrangement with organisers.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURES – Please ensure you register your attendance through the member portal online. Typical Arrival times should be between 07:00 – 20:00 unless otherwise communicated, this ensures knowledge of arrival and preparation of required meals.

FEES – Are payable in advance using the online portal there will be no refund given for early departures, unless specifically agreed with organisers under unforeseen circumstances.

CASH – Organisers will not carry cash during this event, touchless payment is encouraged will be accepted.

VISITORS – Attendees are responsible for their visitors abiding by these rules and payment of fees.  All visitors must adhere to ALL rules.

SPEED LIMIT – All vehicles must not exceed 5kph respect all attendees and the conditions within the camp area.

BEHAVIOUR – Excessive noise, intoxicated, abusive behaviour, anti-social behaviour & unlawful acts including but not limited to; violence, use of drugs, theft, vandalism, abuse (physical or verbal), foul language, excessive noise, unruly behaviour, drunken behaviour & underage drinking are totally unacceptable & are not permitted at any time. The organisers or their representatives reserve the right to exclude attendance require the eviction of any persons if in their opinion there is a breach of any part of this rule. You will not be invited to return.

OWNER ONUS – Organisers accept no responsibility for vehicles & their contents whilst at an event. It is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment (particularly gas bottles) complies with all Government regulations.

FIRES – Fires are only allowed in designated areas. They are to be always under control and not to be left unattended.  No fires to be lit on TOTAL FIRE BAN days.

CHILDREN – Persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to attend certain events.

PETS – NOT PETS ALLOWED. – (Support animals accepted).


Attendees (individual person) are responsible for their own actions and safety whilst attending the event. The Organising Comity and Event Partners are not held responsible for an individual’s actions or injuries, therefore the Attendee agree no legal action can be taken against said parties due to Their individual’s actions or injuries. Safety of others is key, including your own wealth and wellbeing whilst attending the event.